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Kelsey is a Pakistani-Norwegian VO talent with a versatile, resonant, medium-high, femme voice. From folksy or high-energy commercial reads to little boy or elderly witch characters, she is your dynamic VO go-to. Her vocal skills combined with her acting background and degrees in vocal performance and theatre allow her to bring scripts to life and fit whatever voiceover need you may have.
Kelsey's studio specs, further audio samples, and resume can be found on this page.

Language, Accent & Other Samples

Standard American Accent Sample
Midwestern American Accent Sample
Southern American Accent Sample
Irish Accent Sample
Pakistani-Indian Accent Sample
RP English Accent Sample
Estuary English Accent Sample
Australian Accent Sample
German Accent Sample
Norwegian Accent Sample
Norwegian Language Sample
Spanish Language Sample
Kelsey Jaffer - Monster Creature Animal Reel 2023
Dry Voice/eLearning Sample

Raw Studio Samples

Raw Studio Audio - Levels
Raw Studio Audio - Speaking
Raw Studio Audio - Room Tone

Theatrical Singing Reel

Home Studio Specs

In addition to the audio equipment and room treatments listed below, Kelsey can provide 24-hour audio turnaround if needed, and is ready for remote direction and recording via Zoom, Skype, Discord, and Source Connect Standard. She resides in the US CST Time Zone (GMT-6 in winter/GMT-5 in summer).

SpeedTest™ results (updated periodically):

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 17.01.02.png
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Voiceover Resume

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